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白菜社区论坛 Sydney University announces that the Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture (ACIAC) will now be known as the Institute for Australian and Chinese Arts and Culture (IAC) (澳华艺术文化研究院).
There is much to be discovered through the study of diverse musical genres from Aboriginal songlines and Gaelic singing, to Qing Dynasty chant and Alaskan hip hop.
Cultural Cartography: Creating Art at the Intersection of Cultures, featuring five highly talented young artists, is specially curated by the Australian art legend, Guan Wei. The five artists, Dr Cindy Yuen-Zhe Chen, NC Qin, Christina Huynh, Anney Bounpraseuth and Chris Yee share a commonality in their culturally diverse backgrounds, yet their individual approaches to art are highly unique and beautifully distinctive.


Chinese have been in Australia for over 200 years but these two centuries have seen very different peoples arriving and settling under the label “Chinese”. Read more...